What do you eat?

Georgian Breads

Georgian Breads are baked in traditional ovens,the most common one is called “Shotis Puri”. All types of bread are called Puri in Georgia - Shotis Puri is an oblong shaped bread and an essential part of any meal. Other notable bread types are

 Kachapuri is a cheese filled bread

 Lobiani is kidney beans filled bread

 Nazuki (Nazuki from Surmai,a small town on the way to Kutaisi is special with added raisins ) is a spicy sweet bread, baked with cinnamon . It can definitely replace the tea cake when you are at Georgia.

Meat-lover's Delight

If you are a meat eater try one or all of this!

A beef or pork stew with tomatoes, red pepper and spices.

This is another beef stew slow cooked with lots of spices onions and tomatoes. The aroma and texture are fantastic, there is very little reason for anyone to dislike this dish!

It is a Georgian Chicken soup with egg froth and added wine vinegar.A good starter for any meal.

 Katmis Satsivi
This is a Chicken ‘curry’ like preparation in walnuts and spices.A wonderful dish for people like hot food.This can be had with Breads or rice.

Mtsvadi is barbecued meat generally Pork or Beef served with onion slices and green bell pepper in Georgian style! The taste and flavour will definitely make a lasting impression!

For the Vegetarian Palate

Lobio is a kidney beans with onions, garlic and herbs preparation can be had with Breads,it is prepared differently in different parts of the country but has a uniform taste irrespective of the texture

 Badrijani Nigvzit
Fried eggplants and nuts with garlic and coriander seasoned with pomegranate a unique Vegan preparation!

 Soko Kecze
This is a fried mushroom with a twinge of cheese. A wonderful recipe not to miss!

This one has eggplants, tomatoes and potatoes with garlic, pepper and herbs.

This is the Georgian mix vegetables, major ingredients includes spinach, walnuts with herbs, garlic and onions.