Dear Patrons

Many people asked us “what package", are you selling? When answered in the negative the next logical question “Why are you not selling packages!" We feel a response in this regard is essential.

We as tourists explored many countries,travelled extensively, mostly our own, and occasionally due to paucity of time and lack of information through travel packages. Whenever we travelled through packages, at the end of the day we felt deceived, either some information was intentionally hidden, or we felt we wasted our time and money for the convenience of the operators (there are many interesting anecdotes which we may share in our soon to be started blog).

From our journeys we realised “Packages" are created for the convenience of the tour operators not for the traveller! If a tourist needs a package, we offer the freedom to device one's own package with our expertise and experience.

What is a package? A package tour is a combination of services mainly transportation, accommodation and guidance with in a stipulated time frame and established itinerary offered as a single product.
 Fixed time and cost.
 Needs less involvement.
 You may end up visiting places you never wanted to, since it is part of the schedule!
 Do not offer any flexibility in schedule since these packages are operated with fixed itinerary.
 You may be forced to eat at places convenient to the operator irrespective of your choice/requirement.
 You may have to lodge at places you do not like!
 You may become part of a crowd you never wanted to.

We, on the other hand, would like to leave you breath taken and wanting more. Georgia is a gorgeous country and we would like you to experience it the way it is meant to be.